Watching Lionel Messi can generate a similar emotion to listening a violin composition by Yan Tiersen. The difference is that Messi does not need a music sheet, he creates it! Soccer is the most popular sport in the planet. It is played in every continent, and once the ball starts rolling, privileges, social classes or races do not matter.

How has a ball game become a global phenomenon? Our answer to that question is simple. People feel identified to essential values like resiliency, teamwork, leadership, fun, etc. These values have a strong power to unite and separate people. In essence, soccer has a direct influence in the behavior people, groups and society in general.

Free the SoccerNot many events ignite our deepest feelings of identification to a hierarchy. At the end of the day, soccer is a ritual fight, a war allegory. The excitement of the supporters comes from every pass, dribbling, tackle or counter attack. The ability of the players to overcome adversity and put the ball on their opponent’s net, create a feeling inside of the passionate supporters that makes them sing chants, stand up for a national anthem or cry for a goal in the last minute of the game.

Soccer is much more than a game. Soccer is passion, suffering, excitement, teamwork and community. Soccer is having a drink with your friends while watching the world cup, hugging somebody you do not even know like if he was your life-long friend. Soccer is to wear your team jersey and celebrate every goal as it was the last you will ever see. Soccer frees and entertains. Soccer is our passion!

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