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MLS / US Soccer

MLS, is it becoming a competitive league or an Elephant’s Graveyard?

MLS clubs are signing some of the most influential football stars from Europe, but do they really want to challenge themselves and win the title or they just go to the US to end up their careers?

The MLS or Major League Soccer of the US, is one of the most popular leagues of the American continent. This popularity doesn’t necessarily come from the level of the competition, but from the fame of some of its players.

MLS players 2019

MLS 2019 designated players (Image:MLS)

Since David Beckham signed with Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, a wave of elite football players have moved to MLS teams. Most of these players claim that the level of the league gets better every year and the competition is very high. However, not everybody believes these testimonies.

The main reason why people do not believe the MLS stars, is that they usually move to America when the level of their performances starts to go down or they start to be relegated to the bench.It is true that some players like Carlos Vela have gone to play in America when they are on their prime, but it is not what usually happens. Europeans usually makes fun of the age of the best players and the level of the competition to discredit the US league. Click on the video below to watch a satiric video about this issue.

Rooney playing MLS Soccer/Football

Wayne Rooney Cartoon playing an MLS game (Video: B/R Football)

Another point that fans and journalists make, is that the statistics of the players that come from Europe just get much better once they get to the MLS. For example this is David Villa or Wayne Rooney cases. Both players where already spending more time on the bench that on the field before they decided to leave Europe, but once they were in the USA they were not only the best player of their teams but also top scorers of the whole competition.

Designated Players Rule, is it the main reason why the MLS cannot compete with European Leagues?

Maybe the reason why the North American League has a disadvantage compared with other leagues is that the designated players rule only allow the teams to sign three players without a salary cap. This rule forces teams to sign young players or unknown players, which might sound like something good to develop talent. However, the reality is that when these young player get to a certain level move to another league where they can increase their salary.

Nobody really knows the reason why a league with so much money and game attendances does not definitely take off. But the reality is that, club managers and league coordinators have a long way to go, to make the MLS a world-class league.

Why do you think these European stars go to the MLS? Is it the money or the excitement for the American Competition? Go to our forum and discuss this topic and many more trending news about the soccer universe!


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