Women’s World Cup 2019

Alex Morgan and USWNT spoil tea time for England

«Not since Boston dumped it in the sea has England been dissed with tea like this,» declared the front page of Wednesday’s New York Post. Alex Morgan’s ‘tea drinking’ goal celebration, after heading the winner against England to send her side into the World Cup final, was definitely a diss. England forward Lianne Sanderson thought so. She called it «distasteful». As the newspaper saw it, Morgan’s swipe at Phil Neville’s Lionesses was the best burn against the English since a load of tea was chucked in the sea in Boston in 1773, setting in motion American independence from the yoke of British rule. ‘Sticking it to the Brits’ was the US women’s national team take on it too. It said Morgan’s strike was «in honor of those 13 colonies»...

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