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UEFA Europa League

High expectations for the Europa League semi-finals 2019

This 2019, the Europa League semi-finals look more exciting and competitive than ever before. Tonight,  four of the best teams in Europe will be fighting for a spot in the final. Who will be able to make the difference tonight?

The semi-finals of the Europa league are here already. The new UEFA tournament is always under the shade of the Champions league, until the last stages of the competition. In these stages some of the best teams in Europe usually confront each other to become kings of the second most important football tournament in Europe.

Europa League UEFA Valencia Chelsea Arsenal Jovic

Europa League Semi-Final teams (Image:UEFA)

This year the Europa League semi-finals could be the champions league semi-finals. Chelsea and Arsenal are two English powerhouses that we are used to watch even in champions league finals. Valencia was also in two champions league finals in 2000 and 2002. However, the Europa League is raising its level every year and it is difficult for every team to get to the semi-final. Frankfurt believes in his young talent Jovic to beat chelsea and end up in the final next May 29th. As we will see these four teams have the capabilities to make it to the final, but who will take advantage of their strengths in a better way and step ahead?

Arsenal vs Valencia

This is probably the game that generates more expectation tonight. Valencia ended up in the Europa League playoff because they did not qualified from the champions league group in the champions league. Once they started to play in the Europa league they had to beat Celtic, Krasnodar and Villareal. Arsenal, started this competition from the beginning, but they had to come back from adverse results in all the playoff stages until the quarterfinals against Napoli. However, the most controversial and exiting topic about the game, is the fact that Unai Emery (Arsenal’s GM) will be competing against the team he leaded for 4 years. 

Frankfurt vs Chelsea

Chelsea and Frankfurt have not had an easy road to this stage. Looking at Chelsea’s results over the competition, it looks like they have been the most dominant team of the tournament. Chelsea have scored more than 5 goals in every round, and they want to keep that statistic up. On the other end, Frankfurt believes in his young players and future stars to pass through the stage. The quarterfinals were tough for Frankfurt after the lost for 4-2 in Lisbon. However, once in Germany, they were able to flip the tables and win 2-0 to go to the final. If rumors are truth about Hazard and Jovic, some Real Madrid scouters will have their eyes put on this game. So, who knows if we will see these two football superstars playing under the Real Madrid jersey next season?




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