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Ramadam and football, are they compatible?

Famous Footballers celebrate the beginning of the Ramadam festivities, on their social media accounts.

Sunday 5th, marked the beginning of the Ramadam festivities. This period is used by Muslim believers to fast during daylight hours. Ramadam marks the 9th month of the Muslim calendar, and it is a very special month for this religion. Some famous footballers have not hesitated to celebrate the arrival of the religious process and post about it on their social media accounts.

The famous players from Arsenal Mesut Ozil, and Shkodran Mustafi posted about this month of fasting on their Twitter accounts. Also the ex Real Madrid player Achraf Hakimi, shared on his social media that he will take part of the month of fasting.

Mustafi Ramadam Twitter

Mustafi on Twitter (Picture: Twitter)

» Ramadam Mubarak, wishing all my Muslim brothers and sisters peace and harmony during the holy month of Ramadam,» Mustafi said.

Ozil Ramadam Praying

Tweet of Ozil praying. (Picture:Twitter)

«Ramadam Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters,» Ozil posted.

Hakimi Ramadam Dormunt

Hakimi celebrates the Festivities ( Picture: Twitter)


There is some controversy about how fasting can affect sports performance. Specially, performance at the highest level of competition. Some professional footballers have stopped the fasting during competition time. Karim Benzema, for example renegades from the ritual even if he consideres himself a loyal muslim. Another example is Mohamed Salah who postponed his fast before the champions league last year.

This process of fasting is recommended in some diet by doctors, to clean the organism and the body. However, this type of practice, might not be ideal for a professional athlete that makes extraordinary physical efforts during short periods of time. Ajax physiotherapist Raymond Verheijen, says that injury risk increases drastically when a player is fasting. He concluded that playing without eating is impossible.

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