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Juventus and PSG crowned themselves as champions

Juventus and PSG crowned themselves as champions. Neymar returns after injury and Ronaldo makes his legend bigger.

After some weeks of unexpected results, Juventus and PSG won their games respectively this weekend. These wins make both teams season champions in Italy and France.

Even the critics started to put some pressure during the last few weeks, it was inevitable that PSG and Juventus ended up as season champions. It is PSG 8th ligue 1 title and Juventus 37th Serie A title.

Neymar came back after his injury problems and could help his team to rise the French trophy for the 6th time in the last 7 seasons. In Italy Ronaldo became the first player to ever win the premier league, La liga and the serie A. Now he has the challenge of winning the champions league with three different teams. Only Seedorf has been capable of this record before.

Ligue 1 in France

In the French Ligue 1, PSG won 3-1 over Monaco. Mbappe scored a hat trick in Neymar and Cavani return after their injuries. During the last three weeks, PSG have had some negative results that did not allow them to crown themselves as champions. With Neymar return after injury, everyone expected PSG to win the game against Monaco this weekend and make Neymar the hero. However, the main character of the game was the 19-year-old frenchman Mbappe. After his three goals, Mbappe positions himself as the second top scorer in Europe with 30 goals only behind Leo Messi with 33 goals.

PSG celebrates championship

PSG wins the League 1 in France. Mbappe celebrates his hat-trick in Neymar’s return.


Serie A in Italy

While PSG was getting ready for their game against Monaco, in Turin the city was already celebrating the 8th consecutive league for the Vecchia Signora. Juventus won 2-1 at home against Fiorentina. The 1-1 tie was enough for the Turin team to win the title, but Ronaldo had a cross that Pezzella put on his own goal in the 53 minute, and confirmed the game and the title for Juventus.

This 37th title for Juventus also means something special for Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo becomes the first-player-ever to win the league title with three different teams in Spain, England and Italy. He has won 3 premier leagues in his 6 seasons for Manchester united, 2 Spanish la Liga in his 9 seasons for Real Madrid, and now this Serie A in Italy.


Juventus Team wins the league

Juventus celebrating the Serie A title


This week, only F.C Barcelona can win the league title in the big European leagues. The rest of the leagues are very even on the top of the tables and probably there will not be a winner until the last game. We will be paying close attention to the most important leagues the following weeks, and we will inform you about everything you need to know.

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